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Photo: Durwood Ball

Durwood Ball - Associate Professor

Editor, New Mexico Historical Review

Office: Mesa Vista 1002
Phone: (505) 277-7847

US West

American Frontier and Western History, U.S. Military History, U.S. History, Male Gender History

Photo: Judy Bieber

Judy Bieber - Professor

A&S Senior Associate Dean & Associate Dean of Faculty

Office: 2084 Mesa Vista Hall
Phone: (505) 277-3765

Latin America

Politics and State Building, Slavery, African Diaspora, Race and Ethnicity, Frontiers and Borderlands, Indigenous Peoples

Photo: Melissa Bokovoy

Melissa Bokovoy - Professor

Department Chair

Office: Mesa Vista 2080
Phone: (505) 277-2451


Memory and History in the Balkans, World War I and II, Peasant society and culture

Photo: Sarah Davis-Secord

Sarah Davis-Secord - Associate Professor

Office: Mesa Vista 2092


Middle Ages, History of the Medieval Mediterranean, Christian-Muslim-Jewish Relations, Medieval Europe and the Islamic World

Photo: Tiffany N. Florvil

Tiffany N. Florvil - Associate Professor

Office: Mesa Vista 2080
Phone: (505) 277-2451


20th Century Europe, Germany, Gender and Sexuality, Race and Ethnicity, War and Society, Politics and Economy, Frontiers and Borderlands

Photo: LM Garcia y Griego

LM Garcia y Griego - Associate Professor

Director, UNM Land Grant Studies Program

Office: Mesa Vista Hall 1075
Phone: (505) 225-0043

US West

American West, Modern Mexico, U.S. Latino Population

Photo: Kimberly Gauderman

Kimberly Gauderman - Associate Professor

Office: Mesa Vista 2079
Phone: (505) 277-7852

Latin America

Early and Modern Latin America,  Ethnohistory, Human Rights , Andes, Mexico, Central America, Gender, Indigenous Peoples

Photo: Fred Gibbs

Fred Gibbs - Associate Professor

Office: Mesa Vista Hall 1077

Europe, United States

History of Diet and Health, Digital Public History, Food Studies, History of Science and Medicine, Spatial Humanities, Historiography

Photo: Timothy Graham

Timothy Graham - Distinguished Professor

Regents' Professor in Arts and Sciences

Office: Mesa Vista 2043
Phone: (505) 277-1191 / (505) 277-2252


Medieval History, Paleography and Codicology of Medieval Manuscripts, History of Anglo-Saxon Studies

Photo: Holly  Guise

Holly  Guise - Assistant Professor

Phone: 505-277-2451

United States, US West

Indigenous American History, Gender History, Alaska History, World War II Pacific History, Oral History, Segregation, Empire Studies, Race & Ethnicity, Human Rights

Photo: Luis Herrán Ávila

Luis Herrán Ávila  - Assistant Professor

Office: 2096 Mesa Vista Hall

Latin America

Modern Latin American History (esp. Mexico, Argentina, Colombia), Cold War, Anticommunism,  Right Wing Movements, political and intellectual history, revolutionary and counterrevolutionary violence, enmity and conflict

Photo: Elizabeth Hutchison

Elizabeth Hutchison - Professor

Associate Vice President, Division for Equity and Inclusion

Office: Mesa Vista Hall 2083

Latin America

Latin American Labor History, Twentieth-Century Chile, Gender and Sexuality, Human Rights, Sexual Harassment Prevention in Higher Education

Photo: Paul Andrew Hutton

Paul Andrew Hutton - Distinguished Professor

Office: Mesa Vista 1080
Phone: (505) 277-5234

US West

U.S. History, Frontier History, Military History, Popular Culture

Photo: Robert Jefferson

Robert Jefferson - Associate Professor

Office: Mesa Vista Hall 1079

United States

African American History, Twentieth Century United States History, Military History, International Relations, Race and Disability Studies

Photo: Karen J. Leong

Karen J. Leong - Associate Professor

Office: 2094

United States, US West

History of Women, Gender and Sexuality, Asian American History, American West History, 20th Century U.S. History, Cultural History, Critical Race and Relational Ethnic Studies

Photo: Katherine Massoth

Katherine Massoth - Assistant Professor

Office: Mesa Vista Hall 2097

United States, US West

Women’s and Gender History, Frontiers and Borderlands History, Southwest History, American West History, U.S. History, 19th century History, Mexican History, Cultural History, Social History

Photo: Erika Monahan

Erika Monahan - Associate Professor

Book reviews editor, Canadian-American Slavic Studies

Office: Mesa Vista Hall 2077
Phone: (505)-277-7851


Russia, Early Modern Europe, empires, early modern commerce, early modern travelers' accounts, merchant cultures, political economy of early modern empires, history of corruption, environmental history, Central Asia

Photo: David Prior

David Prior - Associate Professor

Office: Mesa Vista Hall 1078

United States

Nineteenth Century United States, Civil War and Reconstruction, Nations and Nationalism, Atlantic and International History

Photo: Shatam Ray

Shatam Ray - Lecturer III

Honors Advisor

Office: 2101


Environmental History , History of Labour and Capital , Modern Asian History, Social Theory, History of Science and Technology

Photo: Caleb Richardson

Caleb Richardson - Associate Professor

Associate Chair

Office: Mesa Vista 1109
Phone: (505) 277-5344


Modern British and Irish Cultural History, The Irish "Diaspora", War and Society, Class, Empire, Politics and Economics, Race and Ethnicity, Frontiers and Borderlands

Photo: Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan - Associate Professor

Director, Institute for Medieval Studies

Office: Mesa Vista 2058


Medieval History, Early Modern History

Photo: Enrique A. Sanabria

Enrique A. Sanabria - Associate Professor

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Office: Mesa Vista 2082


Modern and Early Modern Iberian History

Photo: Jason Scott Smith

Jason Scott Smith - Professor

Office: Mesa Vista 2098
Phone: (505) 277-2451

United States

Capitalism, Politics, Economy, Business and Labor in Modern American history.

Photo: Samuel Truett

Samuel Truett - Associate Professor

Director, Center for the Southwest

Office: Mesa Vista 2097
Phone: (505) 277-6210

Latin America, US West

Borderlands History, Environmental History, History of the North American West, Nineteenth Century Mexico, Native American and Indigenous History, Transnational History, Empires and Borderlands in World History

Photo: Shannon Withycombe

Shannon Withycombe - Associate Professor

Director of Graduate Studies

Office: Mesa Vista 2062
Phone: 505-277-0172

United States

History of Medicine , Gender and Sexuality, History of the Body, History of Reproduction, History of Women's Health, U.S. Public Health