The BA in History at UNM

Students outside talkingAn undergraduate major in history provides students with a greatly enriched view of the world around them as well as numerous real-world skills that will prove useful in many professional occupations. The study of history helps us to understand who we are and where we have been. That knowledge, in turn, helps to shape our future choices and directions.

A major in history with its emphasis on research, writing and creative and analytical thought prepares students for graduate study in history and in other fields, or for work in professions such as law, teaching, business, management, and publishing. The American Historical Association has created a blog to explain to students "what to do with a Bachelor's degree in History". The History Department encourages students to take a broad range of courses, covering the histories of diverse regions and peoples. Students who choose history as their major will work closely with advisors who will help them to select from our diverse course offerings the classes that will create for them a program of unique breadth, depth, and excitement.

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