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B.A./M.A. Shared-Credit Degree Program in History


B.A./M.A. Shared-Credit Degree Program in History is designed for outstanding undergraduate history majors to obtain a BA and an MA in five years.  Students are allowed to apply up to 18 credit hours of shared coursework to both their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.  All courses must be taken at the graduate level and must comply with their programs of study at both the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.


The program is designed for the student who is considering attending graduate school in history, as well as for the student who wishes to continue her/his education in history past the undergraduate level. Advanced training in history can provide students with the intellectual tools needed for success in a wide variety of careers. The graduate training that the student receives will be commensurate with that of a graduate student who enters our MA program after attaining a BA.



The Department of History offers a Shared Credit Program designed to allow students to complete a BA and MA in five years (depending upon the student’s preparation upon entering UNM as a first-year student). To accomplish this, some courses are counted towards both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.


The History BA requires a minimum of 120 undergraduate credit hours and the MA requires 30 graduate credit hours.  Traditionally, students are not able to begin the MA program until the BA degree is completed.  In this Shared-Credit program, 6-18 of the MA graduate credits (2-6 courses) are taken during the senior year of a student’s BA degree program and are applied to both the BA and MA degree requirements. This reduces the time needed to complete the two degrees by a full academic year, compared to the traditional model, and results in significant savings.



Students in this program will be eligible for one year of departmentally controlled graduate funding in their fifth year of the program. Until they receive their BA, students will continue to have undergraduate status and, thus, will continue to be eligible for undergraduate scholarships or Pell Grants