Requirements for the Minor in History

For the History Minor, the History Department encourages students to establish their own program and to select courses that contribute to their major field of study and that support their individual interests and career goals.

 Students may choose from any two lower-division courses (100-200 level) and any five upper-division courses (300-400 level). In addition, in consultation with a professor, history minors may also enroll in History 496 (Independent Study), which gives them the opportunity to investigate a subject of their own choice, reading and holding discussions on an individual basis with the professor.

 The History Department offers courses that focus on several regions of the world: US/US West, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. In addition to these geographical areas of focus, we offer thematic concentrations in the History of Science and the History of Medicine. We encourage students to visit the History Department website ( for more information about our programs and course offerings.





Dr. Fred Gibbs, Associate Professor

History Undergraduate Advisor

Mesa Vista 1077

History Department: 277-2451