Graduate Funding at UNM

Students enrolled in the UNM History Program rely on a diverse array of funding sources, only some of which are supplied by the Department of History. On this page, we offer an overview of the types of financial support offered by the department itself, as well as information about other funding sources offered across the UNM campus. Rules governing student employment and financial aid are administered by the Office of Graduate Studies.

 All applicants can be considered for department graduate assistantships. However, the number of graduate assistantships is limited. For information on additional funding sources, see below.

UNM Graduate Funding


Graduate Fellowships and Employment

Several units on campus offer multi-year fellowships and employment opportunities. A few of these include:

Students may contact the Graduate Resource Center to inquire about additional funding. 

Research and Travel

Graduate students may apply for funds supporting field research and conference travel when grants are available:

If you are seeking employment as a graduate student on campus, please see the UNMJobs' website