Graduate Certificates, Minors, and Dual Degrees

Graduate Certificates:

Students may choose to pursue graduate certificates in other units around campus that complement their historical studies. For example, transcripted graduate certificates are offered by Museum Studies, Historic Preservation and Regionalism, Chicano/Chicana Studies, and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies. A full list of the graduate and professional degree programs is found here:
Anyone may choose to complete the Graduate Teaching Academy Certificate as a way to demonstrate their pedagogical training while in the graduate program.

Graduate Minors:

Plan II MA students may elect to complete a graduate minor instead of sitting for minor comprehensive exams. (See Graduate Handbook, page 5 for more on Plan IIB.) A graduate minor must meet the Department's minimum requirement of 12 credit hours. See a list of official transcripted graduate minors offered in Arts and Sciences here:

Dual Degrees:

Some students elect to pursue two degrees simultaneously, one in History and one in another department. Students must be admitted to both programs and then craft an Individual Dual Degree program, which must be approved by both departments and by the graduate school (including a written rationale composed by the student). Six hours of coursework credit from each program may be shared toward completion of the dual degree requirements. All requirements for both degrees must be completed in the same semester. The procedures are found in the UNM catalog section "Dual Degree Programs – Individual."
Dual degree plan students whose proposed programs have been approved and who are seeking to graduate will need to complete the graduate school forms in pdf form (submitted via email) rather than via the online forms. The MA Program of Studies form is found here: and the PhD Application for Candidacy form is found here: