Alumni/ae & Friends

Dear Alumni/ae and Friends,

Welcome back to the UNM History Department.  We hope that you have not been away too long but if you were, this virtual portal to the department will bring you up to date.

We are very proud of our former undergraduate and graduate students and we want to hear from you and keep you abreast of the activities of the students and faculty currently in the department.  Take a little time to refamiliarize yourself with us by reading our annual newsletters and clicking on student and faculty profiles.

As you continue browsing the Alumni and Friends page, take the opportunity to tell us what you have been doing since you left UNM.  Many of our alumni have embarked on, continued with, or retired from a variety of careers and we want to hear about what you have done after leaving UNM.  We are very proud of our alumni and your stories can inform our current students who might be wondering what they can do with a degree(s) in History.  Our community extends beyond our graduates and we would like to hear from our friends as well.   We are also building an Alumni/Friends News page to feature photos, announcements, and news of your accomplishments.

Can't make it to campus for a lecture?   Click on the links to faculty lectures, presentations, and podcasts and enjoy some of the innovative research being conducted by our faculty.  We will also use this page to alert you to lectures being delivered by our faculty throughout the United States and abroad.

Finally, the UNM Department of History has long enjoyed the financial support of our Alumni and Friends and I would like to express how grateful our undergraduate and graduate students are for the fellowships and scholarships endowed by some of you.  Our department and faculty have also enjoyed your financial support and we are grateful for the generous support.

Your contributions make it possible for us to continue doing the things you know us for:  the Calvin Horn lecture, the public lectures and programming both within the department and in cooperation with other programs, undergraduate scholarships and awards, research fellowships and funds for graduate students, supporting our dynamic faculty, and much more. If you’d like to learn more about how you can help, please visit our Giving to History page.  Here you will find instructions on how to support UNM History.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and please stay in touch.  We will do the same.

Melissa Bokovoy
Chair and Professor of History