Summer 2024 Courses


Hist 300 courses: The Banner registration system only allows you to enroll in one Hist 300 course. However, you may enroll in more than one History 300 course. To register for an additional Hist 300 course, please contact Marie Walper in the History Department which will process a course override for you by email ( In your communication please include your full name, student ID number, and the course title and course number that you wish to register for.

Hist 491: To enroll in Hist 491 (Historiography) you must first receive departmental approval. This is to ensure that History majors near graduation have first priority. To be added to that list, please email Marie Walper ( who will add you to the list and process a course override that will allow you to register for this course. Please include your name and student ID in your communication.

 Please allow up to 48 hours for your override request to be processed. You will be notified when the override has been completed. Be sure to include all information or this will delay your request.


HIST 417-001: History of Modern Medicine

This course will investigate the development of the modern medical profession over the last 300 years. We will examine the clinical encounter between patient and healer and how it has been shaped by larger forces such as race, class, gender, politics, and economics. Covering diverse topics such as the effects of the French Revolution upon the field of medicine, the links between mass urbanization and epidemics, the popularization of germs, and the power of modern pharmaceutical companies, students will explore how shifting social and cultural values have motivated changes in thinking about health and healers.