UNM PhD Student, Joseph Hall-Patton, interviewed on local news regarding his YouTube public history channel,  October 2018.

Dr. Virginia Scharff in the Chronicle of Higher Education, on the need to prepare students for careers, "Prepare Your Ph.D.s for Diverse Career Paths," March 2018.

UNM PhD Candidate, Darren Raspa, on the Tangier American Legation Institute see, "A Historic Bond: The Tangier American Legation Institute and U.S.-Morocco Diplomacy," and his most recent blog on AHAToday: "An Americanist in Meknès: Applying Historical Training Skills to Diverse Careers," April 2016.

UNM History PhD Students, Willy Carleton, Candolin Cook, and Darren Raspa contribute and co-edit the latest issue of Edible Santa Fe (August/September 2015).

New Mexico Food History Graduate Student Blog, His 666 (Spring 2015)

UNM History on AHA Today

"Playing the Long Game: Career Diversity for Future PhDs,"
Taylor Perk, MA Student, April 2017

"Researching the Quinceañera: My Graduate Internship at the National Hispanic Cultural Center,"
Margaret DePond, PhD Candidate, April 2017

"A Flag, a Dinner Bell, and a Hand-Dug Well: Using Artifacts to Make Meaningful Connections to the Past,"
Michelle M. Martin, PhD Candidate, March 2017

"You Will Never Get Anything Useful of of Value Out of This": How a Difficult Diary Became my Dissertation,"
Michelle M. Martin, PhD Candidate, October 2016

"An American in Meknes: Applying Historical Training and Skills to Diverse Careers,"
Darren Raspa, PhD Candidate, April 2016

"Professoring 101: A Day in the Life of a History Professor," 
Jennifer McPherson, PhD Candidate, November 2015

"Press Start to Begin: How Historians Can Apply Their Work in a Non-Academic Setting,"
Gianna May, MA Student, July 2015

UNM History in Perspectives on History

"Q&A with Lindsey Martin and Jennifer McPherson; Career Diversity for Historians at the University of Chicago and University of New Mexico"
September 2015

"Let's Put History Everywhere": A Career Diversity for Historians Interview
Emily Swafford (AHA Program Manager) and Virginia Scharff (UNM Pilot Project Director), April 2015

For further literature on the Career Diversity for Historians Initiative visit the American Historical Association's Career Diversity page.

Career Diversity @ UNM History

The AHA Career Diversity for Historians Initiative is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.  UNM is one of four pilot programs tasked with demonstrating how a graduate program in history can serve all doctoral students, not just those on the path to tenure-track jobs at research universities.

Visit AHA Career Diversity for Historians to learn more.