Requirements for the Major in History

The History Department allows students great latitude in creating a course of study that will reflect their interests and career objectives.  A History major requires four lower-division courses (12 credit hours) and eight upper-division courses (24 credit hours).

At the lower-division level, students must complete one survey series, and may choose any other two courses from the remaining surveys including History of New Mexico to complete the 12 hours of required lower-division coursework. Students may choose from History 101-102 (Western Civilization), History 161-162 (U.S.), History 181-182 (Latin America), History 251-252 (Eastern Civilization), History 260 (History of New Mexico). 

At the upper-division level, students may choose any history course at the 300 or 400 level, but all students are required to include History 491 (Historiography) OR History 492 (Senior Seminar).  Students should take the survey courses that will prepare them for upper-division courses they wish to take in the areas of study offered by the Department.  If students wish to follow the traditional history major, they will choose three different geographical or chronological areas of interest and enroll in at least two upper-division courses in each area. This program gives majors a broad, liberal arts background.  Students may also choose to develop an area of concentration or select courses that will prepare them for graduate or professional school in a particular area. In consultation with a professor, students may undertake independent study (History 496), which gives them the opportunity to investigate a subject of their own choice, reading and holding discussions on an individual basis with the professor. 

Excellent students (those with an overall GPA of 3.00 or better) are also encouraged to participate in the History Honors Program, in which a student works closely with a faculty advisor to research and write a senior thesis. Course work for the History Honors Program includes History 491 (Historiography), History 492 (Senior Seminar), History 493 (Research) and History 494 (Thesis Preparation).

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Dr. Fred Gibbs, Associate Professor, Mesa Vista Hall 1077

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