Handbook and Forms

Each step of your graduate program will require you to complete various forms. Some of these are internal documents that must be completed on paper and submitted to Dana Ellison in the History Department. Others are documents and procedures from the graduate school that must be submitted online via the graduate school's website.
The timeline for due dates of these forms is found in the Graduate Handbook and on the program roadmaps (see below). See below for thesis/dissertation submission deadlines.

The Graduate Handbook:

The Graduate Handbook contains the fullest description of the program requirements and steps toward completion of those requirements. Please consult with the Director of Graduate Studies for more information on the handbook.

Roadmaps for Degree Completion:

We also have created general program roadmaps, which provide a timeline and semester-by-semester guide for successful completion of degree requirements:
MA Plan 1 Roadmap (thesis) 
MA Plan 2 Roadmap (non-thesis) 

Graduate School forms:

When you complete these forms online, please enter the email address and name of the current DGS in the "advisor" field for review.

Graduation procedures:

In the semester in which you intend to graduate, MA Plan 1 (thesis) and PhD students must follow carefully the thesis/dissertation submission guidelines provided by the graduate school. See here for details.
These guidelines include the requirement that your thesis or dissertation be uploaded to UNM's digital repository. 
Here are the MA graduation guidelines and checklist from the graduate school. 
Here are the PhD graduation guidelines and checklist from the graduate school.

Thesis/dissertation submission deadlines:

            M. A. candidates: 
                      Fall semester graduation: October 1                      Spring semester graduation: March 1                      Summer graduation: May 1
            Ph. D. candidates: 
                      Defendable draft to all members of dissertation committee:                                     Fall semester graduation: October 1                                     Spring semester graduation: March 1                      Final draft to department Chair:                                      Fall semester graduation: November 1                                      Spring semester graduation: April 1                      Summer defense and completion only in extraordinary circumstances.