Graduates - 1940's

Baylen, Joseph O.

Dissertation Title: "John Maunsell, the King's Clerk, 1230–65"

Advisor: None given
Dissertation Completed: 1949

DePond, Margaret

Dissertation Title: ""Beach Bodies: Gender and the Beach in American Culture, 1880-1940""

Advisor: Virginia Scharff
Dissertation Completed: 2019

Snellgrove, Harold S.

Dissertation Title: "The Lusignans in England, 1247–58"

Advisor: None given
Dissertation Completed: 1948

Sweeney, Lean

Dissertation Title: ""Stateless Space, Nationless Citizens:  Tools of State-Making on the Mexico-Guatemala Borderlands""

Advisor: Judy Bieber
Dissertation Completed: 2019