Giving to the History Department

The UNM Department of History has a number of funds available for support. These funds fall into four general categories of who benefits most from them. Please explore the funds below to find the way of supporting our department that suits you best. You will be helping a vital part of the academic and intellectual life of the university. We thank you wholeheartedly for any support you wish to give.


630040 Alfred Grunsfeld Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Annual scholarship given to a male and female student who are declared history majors having completed 15 credit hours in history, and 60 hours toward the B.A. degree with an overall and major GPA of 3.3 or higher.

607070 Conlon-Demas Undergraduate Research Fund in History
This fund supports the research expenses of undergraduate honors students in the History Department including meeting registration fees, travel and lodging, copying fees, book purchases, writing costs such as printing and related computer expenses.

607800 Robert Figge and Thord Nilson Endowed Scholarship Fund in European History
Established to honor history teachers Robert Figge and Thord Nilson from Highland High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this endowed scholarship fund supports undergraduate, junior or senior history students studying European history, that are in good academic standing, showing academic potential, and demonstrating financial need.

603120 Bernice A. Rebord Memorial Scholarship in History
Named in honor of Bernice A. Rebord, a career-long history teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico, awards from this fund are made to deserving undergraduate juniors or seniors, or master degree students in the History Department who have expressed an interest in pursuing a career in elementary or secondary education. The award will be based on both scholastic and financial need.

606430 Graham Browne Endowed Memorial Scholarship in History
Established in memory of Graham Browne, co-creator of Sutin, Thayer & Browne law firm of New Mexico, this undergraduate scholarship is annually awarded to a full-time history student, preference given to an American History major in good academic standing with demonstrated financial need.

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Graduate Students

610120 Ferenc Morton Szasz and Margaret Connell-Szasz PhD Dissertation Fellowship in History
Established to honor the careers of two beloved UNM professors, Ferenc Morton Szasz and Margaret Connell-Szasz, this fund supports a scholar in preparation of a PhD in social and intellectual history.

622830 L. Dudley Phillips Memorial Fellowship in History
Established in memory of Dudley L. Phillips, UNM history alumnus and track and football athlete, the L. Dudley Phillips Memorial Fellowship is awarded annually to a qualified advanced graduate student in History to support the completion of the dissertation project.

609330 Timothy Moy Memorial Teaching Award
Established in memory of Associate Professor of History at UNM, specializing on 20th-century science and culture, this endowed award supports graduate teaching assistants in the Department of History.

606460 William M. Dabney History Scholarship Endowed Fund
Established in memory of Professor William Dabney, UNM Professor History from 1951-1982, this endowed fund provides scholarship support to a History graduate student studying Constitutional History, Legal History, or Early American History.

610672 Mel and Jennifer Yazawa Dissertation Fellowship 
Established to honor the careers of two lifelong educators, Professor Emeritus Mel Yazawa taught Early American History at UNM and Jennifer Yazawa taught at Albuquerque Public Schools for over 25 years. This award will be granted to an advanced PhD student who has successfully completed all parts of the Ph.D. comprehensive exams, and has an approved dissertation prospectus.

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607660 William H. and Marjorie Bell Chambers Endowed Faculty Award for Excellence in History
Established in memory of Marjorie Bell Chambers, distinguished graduate of the UNM History Department, educator and public leader, this fund supports attracting faculty members who have already acquired distinguished reputations as historians and/or provides support for outstanding teaching, research, and publication by a faculty member.

606620 William Shoemaker Endowment in History
Established by the late William Shoemaker of Albuquerque, the purpose of this endowment is to enhance and support the teaching and research missions of the History Department.

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Department and Outreach

202403 Center for the Southwest Fund
The purpose of this fund is to support an enlarged study of the history and culture of the American West through hosting seminars, conferences and workshops.

200261 Department of History Chair Fund
This fund was established to support urgent or unexpected department needs and activities at the discretion of the chair.

630240 John F. Kennedy Memorial - C. Ruth and Calvin P. Horn Endowment Fund
This supports the C. Ruth and Calvin P. Horn Lectures in Western History and Culture, a distinguished lecture series providing the campus and larger community access to inspiring speakers who brought history to life with perspectives on the West.

687135 Celtic Studies at UNM Fund
In its efforts to explore both Celtic history and contemporary issues, Celtic Studies is committed to serving the people of the Southwest Borderlands. The program anticipates this challenge, hoping to become a source of understanding for Modern Celtic History and its emergence from Ancient and Medieval Celtic roots.   This history may include Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Cornwall, Brittany, The Isle of Man and Galicia; as well as the Celtic diaspora. Click here to learn more about the Celtic Studies program


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