Melvin Yazawa

Professor Emeritus



B.A., University of Hawaii, 1969
M.A. in Early American History, Johns Hopkins University, 1971
Ph.D. in Early American History, Johns Hopkins University, 1977

Research Interests:

Colonial British America, American Revolution, Early Republic, American Constitution History to 1877


Professor Yazawa joined the UNM History Department in 1984 as a specialist in early American history. During his tenure at UNM, Yazawa has developed a variety of undergraduate courses and graduate seminars that address issues related to the Colonial British America, the American Revolution, the Early Republic, and the U.S. Constitution. He also teaches both U.S. History surveys. Currently, he is working on a book-length manuscript on the politics of union and disunion from 1776 to 1815.

Recent/Select Publications:

Representative Government and the Revolution: The Maryland Constitutional Crisis of 1787 (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1975)

From Colonies to Commonwealth: Familial Ideology and the Beginnings of the American Republic (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1985)

The Diary and Life of Samuel Sewall (St. Martin’s Press, 1998


Snead-Wertheim Lecturer, University of New Mexico, 1993-94

United States Military Academy Fellowship, West Point, 1993

Faculty Recognition Award, University of New Mexico, 1991-92

Presidential Lectureship, University of New Mexico, 1988-90


US History to 1877; US History since 1877; Age of Washington and Jefferson; American Colonial History 1607-1763; American Revolution 1763-1789; US Constitution to 1877; Constitutional History of the US; American Colonies 1607-1763; Early America; US Diplomatic History; Early US History