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Summer 2020

500 Level

599 - Master's Thesis

Offered on a CR/NC basis only.

018Thesis1 TO 6Charlie Steen
026Thesis1 TO 6Linda Hall
032Thesis1 TO 6Margaret Connell-Szasz
034Thesis1 TO 6Paul Hutton
041Thesis1 TO 6Virginia Scharff
049Thesis1 TO 6Samuel Truett
052Thesis1 TO 6Elizabeth Hutchison
008Thesis1 TO 6Timothy Graham
007Thesis1 TO 6Enrique Sanabria
038Thesis1 TO 6Melissa Bokovoy
044Thesis1 TO 6Judy Bieber
012Thesis1 TO 6Jason Smith
056Thesis1 TO 6Larry Ball
019Thesis1 TO 6Michael Ryan

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600 Level

668 - Sem: Medieval

Restriction: permission of department graduate advisor.

001Seminar3M, T, W, R
0920 - 1150
Remote Scheduled Instruction - ONLINE
Timothy Graham

697 - Problems


018Independent Study1 TO 9Charlie Steen
032Independent Study1 TO 9Margaret Connell-Szasz
034Independent Study1 TO 9Paul Hutton
044Independent Study1 TO 9Judy Bieber
051Independent Study1 TO 9Kimberly Gauderman
052Independent Study1 TO 9Elizabeth Hutchison
008Independent Study1 TO 9Timothy Graham
026Independent Study1 TO 9Linda Hall
012Independent Study1 TO 9Jason Smith
056Independent Study1 TO 9Larry Ball
041Independent Study1 TO 9Virginia Scharff

699 - Dissertation

Offered on a CR/NC basis only. Restriction: permission of department graduate advisor.

026Dissertation3 TO 12Linda Hall
034Dissertation3 TO 12Paul Hutton
044Dissertation3 TO 12Judy Bieber
050Dissertation3 TO 12Samuel Truett
051Dissertation3 TO 12Kimberly Gauderman
032Dissertation3 TO 12Margaret Connell-Szasz
008Dissertation3 TO 12Timothy Graham
001Dissertation3 TO 12Virginia Scharff
052Dissertation3 TO 12Elizabeth Hutchison
019Dissertation3 TO 12Michael Ryan
056Dissertation3 TO 12Larry Ball

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