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Fall 2018

500 Level

500 - T: Studies in History

Will vary from instructor to instructor, but will be an in-depth analysis of specific historical problems. For course content, consult Schedule of Classes.

011Topics3T, R
0930 - 1045
Centennial Engineering Center - 1026
Elizabeth Hutchison
008Topics3T, R
1230 - 1345
Mitchell Hall - 202
Kimberly Gauderman
001Topics3T, R
1100 - 1215
Education - 101
Tiffany Florvil
002Topics3M, W, F
0900 - 0950
Mitchell Hall - 211
Frederick Gibbs
1730 - 2000
Dane Smith Hall - 225
Linda Hall
003Topics3T, R
1100 - 1215
Dane Smith Hall - 223
Margaret Connell-Szasz
007Topics3M, W, F
1300 - 1350
Dane Smith Hall - 136
Luis Herran Avila
012Topics3M, W, F
1100 - 1150
Education - 101
Jason Smith

509 - French Revolution & Napoleon

Survey of the course of the revolution and its impact on France and on European social, political, economic and military life.

001Lecture3T, R
1230 - 1345
Economics - 1002
Charlie Steen

513 - WWII and Reconstruction in Eur

This course will study the origins of the war, its progression, and the consequences of conquest, occupation, collaboration, resistance, and genocide. This course also examines how Europeans met the challenges of reconstructing and rebuilding their societies.

001Lecture3M, W, F
1200 - 1250
Dane Smith Hall - 120
Caleb Richardson

518 - Spain & Portugal to 1700

The consolidation and expansion of the Christian empires of Aragón, Castile and Portugal across Iberia and the Atlantic, from Muslim times to the War of Spanish Succession.

001Lecture3M, W, F
1400 - 1450
Dane Smith Hall - 228
Michael Ryan

550 - Modern US Military

Hutton. A survey of the origins and development of American military institutions, traditions and practices of the 20th century. Attention to WWI, WWII and the Vietnam war, technological advances and institutional history will be given.

001Lecture3T, R
1400 - 1515
Kiva - 104
Paul Hutton

595 - T: Studies in European History

Will vary from instructor to instructor, but will be an in-depth analysis of specific topics within the overall field of European history. For course content, consult Schedule of Classes.

002Lecture3M, W, F
1100 - 1150
Dane Smith Hall - 228
Melissa Bokovoy
003Lecture3T, R
0930 - 1045
Dane Smith Hall - 327
Sarah Davis-Secord
004Lecture3T, R
1400 - 1515
Mitchell Hall - 213
Tiffany Florvil

599 - Master's Thesis

Offered on a CR/NC basis only.

008Thesis1 TO 6Timothy Graham
012Thesis1 TO 6Jason Smith
014Thesis1 TO 6Larry Garcia y Griego
018Thesis1 TO 6Charlie Steen
007Thesis1 TO 6Enrique Sanabria
005Thesis1 TO 6Cathleen Cahill
029Thesis1 TO 6Patricia Risso
032Thesis1 TO 6Margaret Connell-Szasz
034Thesis1 TO 6Paul Hutton
038Thesis1 TO 6Melissa Bokovoy
041Thesis1 TO 6Virginia Scharff
044Thesis1 TO 6Judy Bieber
051Thesis1 TO 6Kimberly Gauderman
052Thesis1 TO 6Elizabeth Hutchison
055Thesis1 TO 6Barbara Reyes
056Thesis1 TO 6Larry Ball
057Thesis1 TO 6Andrew Sandoval-Strausz
011Thesis1 TO 6Robert Jefferson
050Thesis1 TO 6Samuel Truett
001Thesis1 TO 6Erika Monahan
019Thesis1 TO 6Michael Ryan
021Thesis1 TO 6Luis Campos
022Thesis1 TO 6Sarah Davis-Secord
002Thesis1 TO 6Tiffany Florvil
003Thesis1 TO 6Frederick Gibbs
006Thesis1 TO 6David Prior
016Thesis1 TO 6Caleb Richardson
004Thesis1 TO 6Shannon Withycombe

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600 Level

612 - Native Americans & Celts 1700-

Course will have a cross-cultural focus and look at how major trends of the modern era have played out among various American Indian/Alaska Native Nations and the Celtic people of Eire (Ireland), Alba (Scotland) and Cymru (Wales).

001Lecture3T, R
1400 - 1515
Mesa Vista Hall - 2046
Margaret Connell-Szasz

643 - Hispanic Frontiers

History of colonial encounters, Indian-European exchanges and conflicts, environmental transformations and changing identities at the northern frontiers of New Spain and Mexico. From the time of Columbus to 1848.

001Lecture3T, R
1230 - 1345
Mitchell Hall - 206
Samuel Truett

664 - Advanced Historiography

This seminar familiarizes beginning graduate students with many of the fundamental paradigms, analytical models, and theories of causation that have been used within the field of history. Restriction: permission of instructor.

1300 - 1530
Mesa Vista Hall - 2068
Jason Smith

666 - Sem: History

Restriction: permission of department graduate advisor.

1600 - 1830
Mesa Vista Hall - 1101
David Prior
1600 - 1830
Mesa Vista Hall - 2068
Judy Bieber

668 - Sem: Medieval

Restriction: permission of department graduate advisor.

1600 - 1830
Mesa Vista Hall - 2046
Sarah Davis-Secord

682 - Sem: Western America

Restriction: permission of department graduate advisor.

1600 - 1830
Mesa Vista Hall - 2068
Larry Garcia y Griego

697 - Problems


008Independent Study1 TO 9Timothy Graham
007Independent Study1 TO 9Enrique Sanabria
012Independent Study1 TO 9Jason Smith
014Independent Study1 TO 9Larry Garcia y Griego
022Independent Study1 TO 9Sarah Davis-Secord
029Independent Study1 TO 9Patricia Risso
032Independent Study1 TO 9Margaret Connell-Szasz
034Independent Study1 TO 9Paul Hutton
002Independent Study1 TO 9Tiffany Florvil
038Independent Study1 TO 9Melissa Bokovoy
041Independent Study1 TO 9Virginia Scharff
044Independent Study1 TO 9Judy Bieber
050Independent Study1 TO 9Samuel Truett
051Independent Study1 TO 9Kimberly Gauderman
052Independent Study1 TO 9Elizabeth Hutchison
055Independent Study1 TO 9Barbara Reyes
056Independent Study1 TO 9Larry Ball
057Independent Study1 TO 9Andrew Sandoval-Strausz
018Independent Study1 TO 9Charlie Steen
005Independent Study1 TO 9Cathleen Cahill
001Independent Study1 TO 9Erika Monahan
019Independent Study1 TO 9Michael Ryan
021Independent Study1 TO 9Luis Campos
003Independent Study1 TO 9Frederick Gibbs
006Independent Study1 TO 9David Prior
016Independent Study1 TO 9Caleb Richardson
004Independent Study1 TO 9Shannon Withycombe
010Independent Study1 TO 9Donna Ray
011Independent Study1 TO 9Robert Jefferson

699 - Dissertation

Offered on a CR/NC basis only. Restriction: permission of department graduate advisor.

012Dissertation3 TO 12Jason Smith
014Dissertation3 TO 12Larry Garcia y Griego
018Dissertation3 TO 12Charlie Steen
007Dissertation3 TO 12Enrique Sanabria
005Dissertation3 TO 12Cathleen Cahill
029Dissertation3 TO 12Patricia Risso
032Dissertation3 TO 12Margaret Connell-Szasz
034Dissertation3 TO 12Paul Hutton
022Dissertation3 TO 12Sarah Davis-Secord
038Dissertation3 TO 12Melissa Bokovoy
044Dissertation3 TO 12Judy Bieber
050Dissertation3 TO 12Samuel Truett
051Dissertation3 TO 12Kimberly Gauderman
052Dissertation3 TO 12Elizabeth Hutchison
055Dissertation3 TO 12Barbara Reyes
056Dissertation3 TO 12Larry Ball
057Dissertation3 TO 12Andrew Sandoval-Strausz
041Dissertation3 TO 12Virginia Scharff
008Dissertation3 TO 12Timothy Graham
001Dissertation3 TO 12Erika Monahan
021Dissertation3 TO 12Luis Campos
019Dissertation3 TO 12Michael Ryan
002Dissertation3 TO 12Tiffany Florvil
003Dissertation3 TO 12Frederick Gibbs
006Dissertation3 TO 12David Prior
016Dissertation3 TO 12Caleb Richardson
004Dissertation3 TO 12Shannon Withycombe
011Dissertation3 TO 12Robert Jefferson

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