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UNM Career Diversity for Historians

The American Historical Association-Mellon Foundation initiative on Career Diversity and the History PhD is designed to diversify the career opportunities of History PhDs. UNM, along with UCLA, Columbia and Chicago are pilot programs to model how history departments can simultaneously train better future faculty and ensure graduates are highly marketable for well-paid jobs outside the professoriate. UNM’s History Department already has an excellent record of its alumni finding rewarding jobs both within and outside academia, and this initiative celebrates and builds upon those successes.

Over the next three years, we are rethinking graduate training, developing new problem-based courses in which students work collaboratively on projects connected to real world clients. We are creating new teaching and research partnerships with colleagues in law, business, architecture, engineering, cultural resources, and health sciences. A key component of the project is an internship program for students to use critical thinking, writing, research and language skills in nonacademic settings. We are also creating a first of its kind (on our campus) placement service for graduate students in history, to serve as a model for such a service across the humanities and arts programs at UNM, and for other history departments across the country.

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UNM Career Diversity for Historians
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