Graduate Funding at UNM

Students enrolled in the UNM History Program rely on a diverse array of funding sources, only some of which are supplied by the Department of History. On this page, we offer an overview of the types of financial support offered by the department itself, as well as information about other funding sources offered across the UNM campus. Rules governing student employment and financial aid are administered by the Office of Graduate Studies.

History Department Funding

Graduate Assistants (GA)

Typically awarded to students as they enter the program, GAships are multi-year awards (up to two years for MA students, and up to three for PhD) that pay yearly stipends of $12,000 to $13,000, plus tuition and health benefits. GAs are assigned to work half-time with faculty instructors in large undergraduate courses, where their duties include grading, advising, and other duties specified by the instructor. To apply, prospective students simply submit to the department a Financial Aid Form along with their application for admission.  Applicants for Spring admission who indicate financial need will be evaluated for funding only in the Spring semester, along with applicants for Fall admission. When possible, the department awards single-year GAships to continuing students who have not received departmental funding. Those students who have not received multi-year GAships upon admission may apply to the department at the start of the Spring semester.

Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA)

A graduate student who has already served as a GA and remains eligible for GAship may apply to serve as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, who, in addition to performing the regular GA duties, runs discussion sections for undergraduates enrolled in Western Civilization and US History courses. GTAs receive a slightly higher annual stipend than GAs.

Readers (RA)

Graduate student Readers grade the work of undergraduate students enrolled in medium to large courses, but are not responsible for holding office hours or performing other duties. Students enrolled in the graduate program may apply at the start of each semester to hold a quarter-time position as a course Reader, for which they receive $1,500 plus health benefits.

Teaching Associates (TA)

Each semester, the department offers several sections of its undergraduate survey courses that are staffed by history doctoral students who have passed their qualifying exams (ABD). In addition, most semesters the department offers graduate students in this category the opportunity to design and teach a topics course at the undergraduate level. TAs receive a payment of $3,361, plus health benefits, for each course. To view details on the most recent call for graduate student applications to teach both survey and topics courses, click here.

Travel to Conferences

The History Department Chair offers some support to graduate students participating in professional conferences. Please consult the Department Administrator for further information.

Dissertation Fellows

The department offers three competitive fellowships to History PhD students who are writing their dissertations. More details on these one-year awards, which provide a stipend of approximately $8,000, can be viewed here.

UNM Graduate Funding

Dissertation Fellowships

Each spring, department faculty nominate candidates for the OGS Graduate Dean's Fellowship , The Regents' Fellowship, and the Latin American and Iberian Institute's Dissertation Fellowships, which offer stipends in the amount of $2,000 to $10,000 yearly to support the completion of the dissertation.

In addition, the Bilinski Educational Foundation offers fellowships through the College of Arts and Sciences.  Click here to find out more about the Russel J. and Dorothy S. Bilinski Fellowship.

Graduate Fellowships and Employment

Several units on campus offer multi-year fellowships and employment opportunities. A few of these include:

Students may also apply for additional funding through the Graduate Resource Center.

Interdepartmental Graduate Assistantships

Each spring, the College of Arts & Sciences accepts applications from graduate students wishing to serve as Graduate Assistants outside of their home departments in the subsequent academic year. Graduate students in History regularly teach in the English and the Spanish and Portuguese departments. Please contact the Graduate Director for information about this program.

Research and Travel

Graduate students may apply each semester for funds supporting field research and conference travel: