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Recent graduate, Donna Schank-Peterson, on board at American Historical Review at Indiana University

Departmental News

Posted: Jul 07, 2015 - 12:00am

Congratulations to Donna Peterson who was recently hired as the new Reviews Editor at the American Historical Review at Indiana University in Bloomington.  Donna has been a staff member at NMHR since 2006.  Here's what Professor Durwood Ball, editor of NMHR, had to say about Donna's most recent appointment:

I'd like to announce officially that Donna Schank-Peterson, who defended her dissertation this past spring, was just hired onto the editorial staff of the American Historical Review at Indian University in Bloomington. Her position is Reviews Editor; she will start late this month. This job is a fulltime staff position. Each year, the AHR receives about three thousand books and publishes about eight hundred reviews. In addition, Donna will manage seven graduate assistants assigned to the journal by the History Department. When I spoke with the AHR editor, Prof. Rob Schneider, it was clear that he could not believe the AHR's good fortune. Donna brings to the office every experience and skill and more that the staff had hoped for in the new Reviews Editor. She joins a staff of six. The journal is currently searching for a new editor.

Donna began working at the NMHR in fall 2006. Her name first appeared on the journal's masthead in the winter 2007 issue. She worked as an editorial assistant and then editorial associate, copyediting manuscripts and proofreading manuscripts and page proofs until she rose to managing editor in January 2011. In this position, she oversaw the production of the journal, worked with typesetters and printers, and managed six editorial assistants. She distinguished herself in all managerial tasks, demonstrating exceptional skill, high professional standards, and good humor. Proud of her success, the NMHR staff will miss Donna and wishes her a bright future at the AHR.

Congratulations Donna!