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Jason Scott Smith Has Published Two Essays This Fall

Departmental News

Posted: Oct 05, 2015 - 12:00pm


The first, “The Great Transformation: The State and the Market in the Postwar World,” appears in James T. Sparrow, William J. Novak, and Stephen W. Sawyer, eds., Boundaries of the State in US History.  Gary Gerstle (University of Cambridge) writes of the volume, “This outstanding collection captures the full breadth of exciting new work on the American state. The essays challenge us to think in novel and creative ways about the binaries—state and society, republic and empire, public and private, federal and local—that have profoundly shaped historical writing on this institution. They powerfully advance our ability to comprehend the possibilities and perils of democratic statecraft across the entire span of US history. A major achievement.”  


The second, “The New Deal as a Democratic Project: The Great Depression and the United States,” appears in translation as “Der New Deal als demokratisches Projekt: Die Weltwirtschaftskrise und die Vereinigten Staaten,” in Tim B. Müller and Adam Tooze, eds., Normalität und Fragilität: Demokratie nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg.