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Andrew K. Sandoval-Strausz Wins Two Scholarly Prizes

Departmental News

Posted: Nov 03, 2015 - 10:00am

Andrew. K. Sandoval-Strausz has won two scholarly prizes for his article “Latino Landscapes: Postwar Cities and the Transnational Origins of a New Urban America,” which was published in the Journal of American History last December. In the article, Sandoval-Strausz challenges the paradigm of the postwar decades as a period of urban crisis in which cities lost population and violent crime soared. He observes that this narrative is overly centered on the United States and does not adequately explain the cities of today. He instead proposes a “next urban history” that takes a transnational approach to cities, putting them in a Pan-American context of unprecedented urbanization and migration. This new narrative describes global cities from the bottom up, explaining urban repopulation and falling crime–and moving tens of millions of Latinos to the center of one of the most hotly debated aspects of the nation’s history.

The Urban History Association awarded Sandoval-Strausz the 2015 Arnold Hirsch Award for Best Article in a Scholarly Journal. The prize committee noted: "Sandoval-Strausz demonstrates a transnational approach to modern urban history that emphasizes the historical experience and agency of working people. The insights of this essay will provoke valuable new research in years to come, potentially shaping the field of urban history as fundamentally as Kenneth Jackson and Arnold Hirsch thirty years ago.”

The article also won the 2015 Article Prize given by the Society of Architectural Historians’ Southeast Chapter. The prize committee called the article "a superb contribution to the best of scholarly publication in our region.”