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HIST 300 courses: The Banner registration system only allows you to enroll in one Hist 300 course. However, you may enroll in more than one History 300 course. To register for an additional Hist 300 course, please contact Barbara Wafer in the History Department who will process a course override for you by phone (505-277-2451) or by email ( In your communication please include your full name, student ID number, and the course title and number that you wish to register for.

HIST 491: To enroll in Hist 491 (Historiography) you must be on the departmental list for that course. To be added to that list, please contact Barbara Wafer (505-277-2451) or by email ( who will add you to the list and process a course override that will allow you to register for this course. Please include your name and student ID in your communication.

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Summer 2016

100 Level

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200 Level

260 - History of New Mexico

Introduction to New Mexico history from earliest human settlement to the present day.

001Lecture3M, T, W, R, F
0900 - 1700
Dane Smith Hall - 128
Barbara Reyes

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300 Level

300 - Studies in History

Will vary from instructor to instructor, but will be an in-depth analysis of specific historical problems. For course content, consult Schedule of Classes.

0900 - 1200
George Pearl Hall - P133
Karla Britton
001Topics3M, T, W, R
0920 - 1150
Mitchell Hall - 109
Charlie Steen
005Topics3M, T, W, R, F
0900 - 1700
Dane Smith Hall - 233
Larry Ball

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400 Level

493 - Reading & Research Honors

Restriction: permission of instructor.

032Independent Study3Margaret Connell-Szasz
037Independent Study3Andrew Sandoval-Strausz
038Independent Study3Melissa Bokovoy
051Independent Study3Kimberly Gauderman
057Independent Study3Andrew Sandoval-Strausz
018Independent Study3Charlie Steen
056Independent Study3Larry Ball

494 - Senior Thesis

Prerequisite: 493.

029Independent Study3Patricia Risso
008Independent Study3Timothy Graham
016Independent Study3Caleb Richardson

496 - Undergrad Readings in History

Restriction: permission of instructor.

018Independent Study1 TO 3Charlie Steen
026Independent Study1 TO 3Linda Hall
029Independent Study1 TO 3Patricia Risso
032Independent Study1 TO 3Margaret Connell-Szasz
034Independent Study1 TO 3Paul Hutton
052Independent Study1 TO 3Elizabeth Hutchison
016Independent Study1 TO 3Caleb Richardson
041Independent Study1 TO 3Virginia Scharff
014Independent Study3Larry Garcia y Griego
017Independent Study1 TO 3Caleb Richardson
051Independent Study1 TO 3Kimberly Gauderman

499 - Internship

Provides a supervised work experience in the practical application of historical skills. Training for interns is provided in various fields such as museum work, archival management and historical editing. It does not give credit toward minimum requirements for the Ph.D. Course may be repeated without limit provided the topics vary.

051Practice Experience3 TO 9Kimberly Gauderman

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